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Studio Effect

Imagine studio photography… without a studio.

Now imagine getting your picture needs delivered in a few simple steps… without breaking the bank.

That’s what our retail Studio Effect delivers… and more.

So just how does this work? It’s simple, we promise (we know you’re busy, after all). Simply take a picture of your product and send it to us. Don’t worry about messy backgrounds, your dirty desk or the sink filled with dishes sitting in the background. We’ll take care of all that. Just sit back, relax (well, you know what we mean) and we’ll do the rest. The final image will be sent in jpg form via email.

We told you it was simple. And since we know you’re wondering… it’s only $15 an image! Pretty great, huh?

Ready to get started? Let’s go! Submit your pictures or questions to info@buyerspacket.com and we’ll follow up with next steps!

Still Have More Questions? We’re Here to Help.

No one’s ever done this before for vendors and designers, so we understand there are a lot of questions to be asked. Here’s our most commonly asked questions and answers. Have a question for us that isn’t on here? Let us know! Email info@buyerspacket.com.

Q: Who uses the retail Studio Effect?
A: Anyone can, really. But our most popular customers are vendors and designers looking to improve their line sheets and other marketing materials, as well as retailers to help improve a consistent look of their e-commerce shops. We encourage all our customers to use the images wherever and whenever they can. Don’t just limit it for line sheets or websites. Use it on your Facebook pages, in your Buyers Packet and anywhere else you are looking to gain customer attention!

Q: How much is the Studio Effect?
A: Unlike the thousands and thousands of dollars big-box stores and brands spend on their photography, we can support you with an image update via our Studio Effect for only $15 per image. Get the same results for pennies on the dollars of your competition! No one will know the difference… except you (and your bank account)!

Q: Why do I need this?
A: If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what do your current pictures say? On that note… Can you afford not to do this? The Studio Effect service will completely transform your product line and instantly give you more credibility with retailers. Why? Because your products will be presented professionally – standing out among competition and among the countless of other product pitches retailers get everyday. Plus, we’re confident you’ll love the time our Studio Effect will save you, as well. No more fussing around with fancy cameras or creating the perfect white background. We take care of this for you. An added bonus? Any future marketing effort will take you half the time and will be more effective. Why? Your new Studio Effect image can help create an attractive marketing piece that is literally a “drag and drop” process. Integrate these new images into your website, brochures, product signage, email marketing newsletters and advertisements. The uses are endless. Convinced yet?