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What Does Your Buyer’s Packet Say About Your Business?

Professionally marketing your product is mandatory if you want to grab the attention of retailers. Pitching your product without being prepared can lead to lack of sales, poor brand recognition and excess inventory in your warehouse. The right pitch, however, can help you get on store shelves faster. A comprehensive Buyer’s Packet can help you do this, acting as your primary tool for getting your product to market.

A standard Buyer’s Packet includes the following elements:

  • Introduction Letter
  • Product / Company Overview
  • Line Sheet
  • Price Sheet
  • Order Form

Premium, optional add-ons can include:

  • Press Clippings
  • Testimonials
  • Swatch Sample Cards
  • Color Cards
  • & More

Also included with a standard Buyer’s Packet:

  • A Half Hour Phone Consultation
  • A Pricing Analysis of Your Product
  • Suggested Opening Order Terms
  • Suggested Re-Order Terms
  • & More!!!

Due to the unique, customization BuyersPacket.com delivers per wholesaler or designer, we do not offer flat rates for our Buyers Packets. The investment is typically determined by total SKU count, SKU variety and premium options. And in case you’re wondering… because we get asked a lot… yes, we do the writing and copy work so you don’t have to! Pretty nice, huh? As for those very important pictures in your Buyers Packet, we can help with those, too. Check out details here for more information on our Studio Effect services! 

Ready to learn more? Simply get in touch at info@buyerspacket.com for your next steps!


We understand the value of your dollars, which is why we create Buyers Packets that you can edit.


Your investment in a professional Buyer’s Packet assures you that you can refresh your information as you move forward in your business time and time again. Change to your product? Pricing update? Seasonal updates? No problem. You’ll be in control with an easy to update Buyers Packet that YOU can edit on your time and your own dime. Our job is to simply get you ready to do this.

Ready to take your product to the next level???

Contact BuyersPacket.com for more information at info@buyerspacket.com.

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