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Make Your First Impressions Count.
Get Retail Ready.

Getting retail ready means more than just having a great product. It means being 110% prepared to communicate to potential buyers without any hesitation. So how do you do this? You need a Buyers Packet. And you need professional product images.

A Buyers Packet allows vendors, wholesalers, designers and anyone looking to communicate with retailers a professional, polished and fully prepared way to communicate during trade shows, sales calls, store visits and more. Our template options and custom options put you in control of being retail ready, allowing you to pitch retailers with confidence and ease. Learn more here.

Product images are a necessity for any product launch, and retailers want to see the best that you can offer. While you can pay thousands of dollars to get these done, why not invest that cash into the growth of your business instead? Our Studio Effect option provides studio-image portraits for as little as $15 an image. Get seamless, white backgrounds of your images – a retail must – all with the simple download of your image (blurry, ugly background and all). Your picture. Our service. Learn more here.

Retailers don’t have time for unprepared pitches. Take the time to effectively and successfully capture their attention with a professionally prepared Buyers Packet.