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Whoever said you can do it alone was wrong.
Here are some of our favorite resources.


MOO is an online, luxury printing business that provides stylish, savvy and smart marketing materials (business cards, postcards, loyalty punch cards, hang tags, more) and are passionate about getting the right marketing tools into people’s hands – which is exactly what their products deliver. After all, you can’t touch the internet. But you can (and should) touch tangible marketing tools such as luxury business cards or promotional postcards. And like any vendor or retailer knows, getting the right products into your customer’s hands is the goal to keeping your business  alive. Plus! Thanks to our friends at Retail Minded and MOO, MOO.com has created a collection of retail specific designs in a variety of styles that were created with YOU in mind. Best of all? They are stylish and professional – and can be customized to meet your unique wholesale needs! Another perk? You get 20% off all first orders you place with MOO! Check them out here.



Retail Minded Magazine is the only trade publication dedicated to the entire lifestyle of retail for independent retail owners, as well as they deliver an annual special edition, appropriately titled “Wholesale Minded”, to support vendors, designers and anyone looking to sell into the retail marketplace. Their straight shooting, no-nonsense approach to retail and wholesale helps you understand your core audience – retailers – while also staying up to date with industry news, resources and more. Plus, gain valuable insight on marketing, e-commerce, special events and more while learning how to better communicate with your buyers. In addition to their quarterly publication, Retail Minded has over 1K blogs on their website and produces an annual conference, the Independent Retailer Conference, once a year, as well. Learn more here. 


Wholesale 101

Whether you are new to wholesale or hoping to improve in wholesale, Jason Prescott’s book Wholesale 101: A Guide to Product Sourcing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is a must-read for vendors, designers and wholesalers among ALL product categories. Filled with industry secrets and resources to help you better understand trade shows, B2B sites, trading companies, sourcing and more, Wholesale 101 delivers a one-stop-shop destination for gaining quality, trusted insight for business success. Prescott’s straight to the point approach is easy to read, allowing wholesalers to truly digest the ins and outs of the business. Plus, you’ll find countless resources to lean on throughout the book, offering you extended avenues of support. We’re confident you’ll love this book so much, in fact, that it will count as among your favorite when it comes to your personal business library! If you’re looking for growth, encouragement and true, hardcore, trusted wholesale information, here it is. Check it out here!